So it’s been a while since someone recommended to me that I start a blog. I thought to myself it’s a no from the go, but after giving some serious thought about it, I did actually realise that I love writing. Being naturally an introvert,  I prefer writing down my thoughts because it makes me easier to construct what I actually want to say and makes it easier for me to include things that I’d normally forget about when I am talking instead. So I think a lot, and it’s quite noisy in my head which makes me forget that sometimes that I’m very quiet on the outside.

Well, first things first. My name’s Anna and I was born and raised in a country called Burma (Myanmar). I’m currently doing a Master’s in IR/Global Affairs, a 180 from my Neuroscience background. Long story why but this might need a little blog post for itself!

At the moment I’m based in England for a while. I’ve got the travel gene in me so I’m always on the move most of the time. My core seems to change and evolve as I get older and travel across different countries. So this bio will get updated and altered  occasionally.

Moving on…

Apart from the obvious (green tea), I also love second-hand books, travelling, getting to know people, reading, watercolour, history and music (any kind that releases dopamine in my brain cells haha).

But most of my favourite musicians are not very well known to the public – I just like them because their songs don’t tire out in time, they make me think and sometimes I could also relate to them to a certain level. Some of these artists are Brooke Fraser, Birdy, and Daniela Andrade. From the well-known ones,  I love listening to Lana Del Ray, Maroon 5 and Coldplay from time to time.

Talking about books, most of my favourite authors are dead – i.e C.S Lewis (he has had a great influence on me), Tim Keller, Albert Camus (whose mind and work is close to my heart too), H.G Wells, Jane Austen, Jack Kerouac, and the Brontë sisters. I do prefer non-fiction most of the time.

Faith-wise, I find it hard to decide on deciding where exactly I stand at the moment, but instead of giving you a conclusion here, something which I have been recently reforming, I’d like to leave it implicit. It is something personal and private to myself, but I wouldn’t mind elaborating a little bit more if we were ever to meet in person and have a discussion about it.

One last but very important thing – I rarely reread my articles. So some articles may be a capture of myself during that period of time, but usually when it’s written into an article it means I may have passed through that phase, or maybe not. But my point is, I leave it open to you and to your discretion.

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  1. Htet says:

    Hey……..a good start! I just loved it! Looking forward to reading more of your work!
    Well done, Anna ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anna Tan says:

      Thank you so much Ma Htet!! ❤ 🙂 miss you xxxx


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