(for us)

When my heart wanders off
Thinking about an unknown season
With a future for us we cannot reason
My body starves, myself distraught

Then there is a he that reminds me
“Child, there is a blood-drenched Love I gave,
it is the purest of all and it saves”
Yes I have been looking everywhere

In anywhere but thee

A sudden change, is a rare kind

To swerve off the course to make me feel alive
Ever it is that what I want to find
never prevailing to admit but deny
So further and further my soul shall dry

Wandering, wandering
I say, “I know the Purest of loves
but there must be other and else,”
But as Time takes its time
I know I cannot be helped.

So I get tired, from running to walking
Then from walking to crawling
I crawl back.
I crawl back to Thee.

So here is a He that says to me
“Child, I knew you would come back
But I first had to let you go off track
Then your own eyes would again see.”

The tangibility around me they dissolve
so fragile, so vanquishable
Yet only my mind stays insoluble
In conquest of where around it shall revolve.

Now, there is the Sun that burns out.
The stars that shine and shine out.
But here is a Love that stays devout
That will keep us breathing

we shall breathe throughout.

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